My first Økodag

My career host, Hanne, took me last Sunday to my first Økodag. This is a very popular event held in whole Denmark and celebrates the cows coming out of the stables for the first time after a long winter. At 12.00 o’clock ecological farms open the gates, and cows start “dancing”. This is how their jumping around it is called –  “cows’ dance”.

But the event is more than that, it has become during the years a national spring festival. I was impressed by how many families came, by how many children were running around among the stands with free ecological ice-cream, Danish yogurt, milk, and pancakes made by the fires on the ground.

This is the moment when I promised to myself that I will come back with the whole family next year. And with this decision in my mind, I continued enjoying my few hours-children-free-holiday. 🙂 I admired some wood bird houses and made huge efforts not to buy one. We already have one in the garden and no birds have nested there yet, as they prefer the trees. I indulged myself into homemade cookies, wondering briefly if I will ever find a balance on this matter. Probably not. And then, with a speed compared to that of the cows, I ran to the ecological greenhouse nearby to buy some plants for our little garden: tomatoes,  cucumbers, strawberries, basil.

While sitting at the Fåborg Midtfyn Kommune booth, I had the opportunity to find out more about Carl Nielsen, widely recognized as his country’s most prominent composer. We passed by his childhood house in Sortelung on our way to Oko dag. And I even tried to knit like him, which was both relaxing and a self-discovery act – the “wow, I can do it!” kind of revelation.

There are still many things to discover in the surroundings. Apart from the nice landscapes, the area is perfect for family life with a lot of places and activities children friendly. So, we will keep an eye on what is going on south to Odense.

Here are some photos I took during the event:



Cresc copii, povesti si visuri.

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