Heroes of the Quarantine (game)


The Story: One day, a virus spread all over the world, forcing people to stay at home to be safe. And hopefully, stop it. There was no superhero to come and save the world. It was time for every person to become a superhero of his/ her house, community, and everyday life by respecting the rules of the new world and protecting the others. G

The world: A tiny kingdom consisting of our house and the surroundings that can be explored safely. 

Name of the heroes’ residence: Castle Home

Objective: Grow as a superhero, achieve special powers and skills by training indoor, so when the time comes, be ready to save the world (or at least make it a little bit better). 

Characters: Family members, named Heroes. Each member of the family is the Hero of his/ her everyday life in the Castle Home.

Mechanism: Heroes have to solve missions every day and get points for them. They have to gather a certain number of points to achieve special powers/ skills and level up. 

The bad guys: Every day, different monsters try to stop the Heroes from achieving their goals. Heroes must fight them. 

Types of Monsters: Monster Screen, Monster Boredom, Monster Interruption, Monster Sugar & Junk

The rules of the game: 

A hero wins points for every mission accomplished. The goal is to gather 1000 points / 10 levels and complete the game named The Quarantine. 

Each Hero decides what his/ her award for completing the game. The big prize cannot be worth more than 10 euros in real money. 

When completing a level (100 points), a hero gets a badge and adds a skill to his personality. Eventually, a small surprise from parents-heroes. (See awards system). 

Some missions are more valuable than others (see types of missions). 

Fighting Monsters can bring/ take points. 

Heroes are fully responsible for writing their points (won or lost) into the Hero’s Battle Papyrus. 

Heroes can come up with missions of their own for any of the categories of missions and win points for them. 

Types of activities/ missions in the Castle Home: 

Self-care tasks – done without being told: brush teeth, put on/ off clothes, comb hair, wash hands – 1 pct

Daily chores: sweep, vacuum, wash dishes, do laundry, dust, clean own hero room, make the bed, take out the garbage – 5 points

Make own heathy snacks – 5 points

Feed the pet – 10 points

Plant / take care of plants, flowers/ the garden – 10 points

Homework of the day / planned educational activities – 10 points 

Help other Hero with a task – 10 points

Challenge of the day – 10 points

Fighting a monster: 

Monsters come up when you expect less. But there are here, among us. Here are the most popular monsters attacking us in the Castle Home: 

Monster Screen – His goal is to make you spend all their days in front of screens. You can defeat him by putting your device away when told by the great Cronos Screen Time (who speaks through the voice of the parents- heroes).  

Monster Boredom makes you think that everything is boring, and you cannot do anything about it. You can defeat him by inventing something interesting/ exciting. 

Monster Interruption makes you interrupt a hero parent when working from home. You can defeat him by refraining from doing that for at least one hour. 

Monster Sugar & Junk tempts you to eat sweets and junk food all day. You can simply defeat him by not eating bad food and choosing healthy food instead. 

Losing a fight with a monster means losing 20 points while defeating him gets you 20 points. 

The Golden Cup of the Unexpected: 

To end the day in good spirits, heroes can pick up a challenge from the Golden Cup of the Unexpected. The cup contains little paper notes with challenges, folded to be a surprise. Doing the challenge can get a hero 10 points. 

Challenges list (to be updated continuously): 

Tell me a story that starts with: 

When I woke up this morning, I was alone in the house. My parents and my sister/ brother vanished without a trace….

Name 3 things for which you are grateful and happy in your life.

Play a game with another hero (and you both/ all get the points for the challenge).

Build something with Lego and present the creation to the family

Organize a party for all heroes in the Castle Home. (choose a day, songs, menu, outfit and then make a poster and send invitations)

Draw a sheep!

Draw a monster! 

Invent a superpower that you want to have and use when you are upset!

Draw an awesome bookmark!

Invent a new dance move.

Answer the question: What will you do, if aliens come to Earth to destroy it?

Find an insect in Home Castle!

Make and paint a paper plane! 

Answer this: Mom and Dad have been telling you to do stuff all day. You’re tired of it. You want to say, “No” and “I don’t have to” and “Leave me alone.”You want to walk away and do what you want to do. What will you do?

Answer this: You are spending the afternoon with a friend of yours who isn’t very popular. You run into a group of your friends who invite you to go to a movie, but they say that your unpopular friend can’t come.

Answer this: You and the other Hero are at the ice cream van. You both want ice cream, but you only have enough money for one. What do you do?

Answer this: You are having a party, but you can only invite 5 people. You have more friends and don’t want to upset anyone. What do you do? 

Do jumping jacks for one minute. Then stop, breathe, close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat. 

You have homework to do and you will win points for it in this game. Your father comes home, and he needs your help to wash the family car, but you won’t’ get any points for that. What do you choose? 

Walk and look around our house for 1 minute. Find 5 things you have never noticed before. 

Sit still like a frog for 2 minutes. 

Do a puzzle. 

Awarding system: 

PointsBadgesSkill achieved
100It’s only the beginningEnthusiasm
200I can do it!Effort
300Me and my superpowers Confidence
400Hero on a missionFocus
500Giving up is not an option!Tenacity
600Monster destroyerInitiative
700I love my lifeEmpathy
800Full time heroCreativity
900Light at the end of the tunnelOptimism
1000Achieving the impossibleIndependence

Cresc copii, povesti si visuri.

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