Dimineata pe racoare

Mi-e atit de cald si lene ca nu pot lega doua propozitii coerente la un loc, respectiv aici. O sa intru intr-o perioada de conservare a fortelor proprii pina trece canicula. Mi-am notat citeva idei de posturi in carnetel si, daca ma trezesc zilele astea pina in ora 6 sau ajung intr-o zona cu o temperatura mai rezonabila, o sa scriu.

Pina atunci, citesc din carti, de pe net. Am dat peste un articol interesant despre cum isi cresc danezii (si altii) copiii din care citez:

“In Belgium kids are allowed to drink beer. In Norway, babies are left outside to sleep in below freezing weather. Vietnamese children are potty trained by nine months with a Pavlov-style whistle blowing technique.  Spanish kids can stay up until 11pm or later. The Kisii people in Kenya avoid eye contact because they think it gives children too much power. Americans are convinced early cognitive development is key while Dutch parents think regularly scheduled rest and food are crucial for kids. Each of these cultures see these things as “the right way”. It begs the question: if we could all see ourselves objectively, without our culturally-adjusted lenses on, what would we see?”

Si un video dragut:

Articolul integral e aici: http://www.thelocal.dk/20150728/is-the-danish-way-the-right-way-to-raise-children.

Si apropos, care o fi “the right way” la noi? Aveti chef de o discutie incinsa, sau mai bine nu? 🙂

Cresc copii, povesti si visuri.

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